To request access to Financial, Tuition, Human Resources, Payroll or Computer Services Billing data:

  1. Read the University Data Access Policy
  2. Appropriate Data Steward or their designated delegate can request access by sending an email Service Request to
  3. For access to Student Records and Registration data:
    Submit your request for access to the Data Warehouse through the Data Access Provisioning System (DAPS) located at:

    Indicate that you want the following:
    Data Type: Student
    Category: Reports
    System or Type: Cognos DataWarehouse
    Description: Indicate what type of report you need

  4. For access to all other data please see the appropriate Data Steward for your campus. Some contacts are listed at click here

Access to information in the Data Warehouse is governed by the University Data Access Policy. To view a list of Data Trustees and Data Stewards referenced in the policy click here.

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